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12 Nights Of Christmas (Acapella Version) : Rap Music Album By Alfred

12 Nights Of Christmas (Acapella Version) : Rap Music Album By Alfred

1) Intro

2) My Wish For Christmas (Acapella)

3) Snowman (Acapella)

4) Home For Christmas (Acapella)

5) Mrs. Santa Claus (Acapella)

6) I'm Sending You My Love For Christmas (Acapella)

7) Letters (Acapella)

8) Once Upon A Time (Acapella)

9) The Greatest Gift (Acapella)

10) It's Christmas Day (Acapella)

11) Christmas Loving (Acapella)

12) 12 Nights Of Christmas (Acapella)

13) Flying On A Christmas Sleigh (Acapella)

14) Outro

I'm really excited about this. All the verses in this album are 100% freestyles. They weren't written down. However, the Chrouses of all the songs where written down to maintain consistency.

This album is a Vocals Only version. It contains only vocals. No beats. It wasn't tinkered with, mastered, or anything. It's just raw vocals.

You as a listener can be a participator and make money off this album like with all my other albums. You can create beats for the songs and produce your own version of this album. We would share ownership Rights and royalties of your version 50/50.

That's the way it is with all my albums. Just email me at

To Create A Fresh Brand New Collaborative Album With Me And You . i.e. A musical team up between me and you (eg. Fresh Prince & DJ Jazzy Jeff ) It takes me an average of one to two days to finish laying down all the vocals and Choruses of an album to beats. So I don't mind being a member of a hundred or more different Christian bands or team ups that plan to release an album every single month. Whether you make good beats or you sing or you rap; I'm open to forming a duo or band with you. Just contact me. Note that you have to be a bible believing Christian. You have to be a Christian. I'm open to listen whatever business situations you propose. Just email me at

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