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To Tweet Or Not To Tweet - a poem by Pastor Alfred

My Thumb itches like a Rehab Hound above my android screen/
My mind twitches like arson backfired as indecision engulfs me/
Consequences scream out loud at me before their existence's choices leaves/
The scale to weight which path to walk, has walked away; and without me/
A Compass lost deep beneath the Sea feels more waves of Hope than me/
I must reply to all the bullets that creep on their tip-toes with eyes upon me /
One click might start a Twitter War, but like Vegans I don't like beef/
But if my silence breathes, my enemies win, and Truth will fall asleep/
Should I let this be, Or play the Prince, And wake Sleeping Beauty from sleep/
At times people '@' me, in my Twitter feed, without tagging me/
Sometimes I want to show they are not the only ones who can cook a subliminal dish/
I can be quite the Chef you would never forget, the taste would never leave/
But would Christ be pleased and glorified, if I'm cooking kids their last meal/
I have to be who God has called me to be, and it isn't to reply to silly tweets/

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Don't Ask God How - a poem by Pastor Alfred

Don't ask God how, just take the first step/
God's dream for our dreams are too big to comprehend/
They always scare us and exceed boundaries of common sense/
Does God think more of us than we think of ourselves?/
If we stand and reason how to reach our Reserved Seat on Mountains/
Reality would get off its seat and slap us upside the head/
And we'll snap back into the limits and walls of common sense/
Our dreams would become common so would future achievements/
We've kicked the word 'Special' off our biographies by ourselves/
And no hand writes the story of one who is just like everyone else/
So for your name to outlive men; unremovable from the earth/
With Honour & Integrity baked with Fulfilment/
You have to Live God's Will not the Plans in your head/
The Holy Spirit your senior partner in the Business of Success/
Putting Goals only God can kick in front of your legs/
But if God is in & with you; just take the first step/

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What Is The Value Of A Life? - a poem by Pastor Alfred

How much can you pay to buy another human being?/
How much can you pay for every Sight they've ever seen?/
Can a million Gold coins buy every Sound they've ever heard/
Every thought they've ever had, Every Song they'll ever sing?/
Or would more Gold do it?, Can a million more do it?/
Can two million buy the look of love within a father's eyes/
Can two million buy a hug between mother and child/
Can it buy a drop of any tear that ever left your eyes/
Can it buy the joy of a Grandma holding her Grand - child/
Maybe a million more will do it? Can 3 million do it?/
Perhaps 3 million can buy the dreams of every orphan child/
Or the slaughtered Hopes of every aborted child/
What price is the right price to purchase another human being?/
What amount can you exchange for the love of a human being?/
Money can buy a Wedding Ring but not how long she wears it/
Money can buy the World, but not how long you're in it/
Money can buy a crowd, but it can't buy friendships/

Stop Giving Interviews To People Who Hate The Rich : Open Letters To My Fellow Bluebloods - by Pastor Alfred

The wealthy in this generation, if you would excuse my strong language; are far much dumber than the wealthy in previous generations.
    We must understand why the wealthy existed peacefully for so long in times past and what mistakes they made that led to their destruction or execution at different times in history.
     Those mistakes if made again would have the same results.
     Sadly, this generation is ripe with making the same mistakes and has even gone overboard to making worse mistakes.
      I fear that the continual misconduct of the wealthy will lead to yet another genocide of the Elite by the poor, which has happened so many times before in history.
    That means it must be said through your own medium. You must control the edi…