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A Lady Of Quality Disassociates Herself From The Word 'Feminist', As It Has An Anti-Chivalrous Message In This Day & Age - Where Is Your Chivalry? - by Alfred

    Every movement has a purpose. Sometimes it is an honourable purpose.

    Sometimes the purpose is fulfilled however the movement still exists.

    Why does the movement still exist?
    What is it doing now?
    It's like leaving an Army in the enemy's country after you've defeated the enemy and the war is over. What are they doing now over there?
    Their initial purpose for being there is over, so what is their new purpose for being there.

    It is the same thing with many movements.

   The Feminist movement was an honourable movement at first, when it was needed and it was championed and financially sponsored by men not women even though only women get the credit.

   Many of the women who got the credit weren't rich and didn't work. They had no money to sponsor the movement and apparently no true desire in the getting a real job part of the actualization of their movement's dream in the ending part of the Victorian era.

   However, the movement's purpose was an honourable one and many women benefited from it.

   However, it's a different millennium now.
    In this millennium no woman needs to be a feminist.

    If a woman is a feminist now what is she being a feminist for?

   What is the purpose of a feminist today?

    As the disease is gone but the drug remains and keeps getting stronger, the drug now fights to destroy useful cells within the body. 

    Feminism today is now used to fight against men, there are no Chauvinist Laws anymore in the civilized world so Feminism today makes war against men and simply has one statement: Men Are The Problem.
    Any woman who is not evil, ungrateful, narcissistic, and ignorant cannot be a feminist today.
     A Lady Of Quality today can never ever ever call herself a Feminist today. Everything about Feminism today is anti everything about Chivalry.
    Chivalry is all about treating every woman as a Queen and every man as a King.
    However, feminism today is about seeing every man as the Devil, teaching every woman to see all men the same way, and expecting to build a society based on that ideology.

     Remember Alfredonian Etiquette is not to imprison self expression or individuality but to prevent the destruction of civilization by bringing order to self expression.

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