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gods Among Men - What I Learned From Rhapsody Of Realities For Today - 17th January 2017 - A Review By A.B.King

Romans 8:14 KJV
For as many as are led by the Spirit of God, they are the sons of God.

    In Today's Rhapsody, Pastor Chris explained something very important that we often miss or never knew when we refer to Jesus as the son of God.
    It is an interpretation of the phrase that I myself must confess that I never taught of in that way before until I encountered and became acquainted with the teachings of Pastor Chris.

    From what I gather from Pastor Chris' explanation (and this is what I got out of the message as usual), the concept of being a son of God suggests also that the son is in the same class and nature as the parent.
   Dogs give birth to dogs. Goats give birth to goats. Lions give birth to lions.
   Therefore calling someone a child of God also suggests that they are in the same class with God and have the same nature with God.
    It is a very serious proclamation.

    In any case, Pastor Chris went much deeper in his explanation. If you want to find out what he said, you would have to go to and get your copy of Rhapsody Of Realities for the month.

My Prayer For You:

   I pray that you know who you are in Christ and walk in the authority you have in Christ. In Jesus Name. Amen.

NOTE: No excerpt of Rhapsody Of Realities is featured in this article. This is a Review.

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