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I Have Never Met A Poor Person Who Says "Thank You" Freely - an article by A.B.King

   All poor people are to blame for their poverty. It is a hard saying, I know, but it is the Truth.
    If you are poor and reading this; it's your fault. As a matter of fact, if you are reading this right now, you are either middle class or rich.
    Poor people never make it a habit to read motivational or inspirational articles online as to stumble upon this one in the process.
    You see, it is the habits of the poor that keep them poor. It is the activities of the poor that keep them poor.
     Likewise, naturally it is the activities of the rich that keep them rich.
     Of course your activities are determined by your thoughts and outlook.
     Therefore the difference between the RICH and the POOR is the quality of the content of their minds, not in their Bank balance.
      So you begin to see that no matter who becomes President or Ruler in your nation; the poor would keep getting poorer and the rich would keep getting richer.
      Because it has never been a factor outside of ones own personal choices & habits that determines poverty or wealth.
       One fascinating bad habit (among a great many bad habits) is that poor people find it difficult to be quite liberal with their "Thank You's".
       You have to really earn a 'Thank You' from a poor person before they ever say it.
       As a matter of fact, they are quite often prone to take back their 'Thank You' and tell you they are doing so if you do not repeat whatever act of kindness prompted them to give it in the first place.
      One could say, Poor People are stingy with their "Thank You's".
      They treat giving it out like giving out gold. They want to hold their "Thank You's" to themselves and never let it go.
      Rich people are not so. Wise people are not so.
        I am very liberal with my "Thank You's". Even if I am giving you money I tell you 'Thank You' as soon as you stretch out your hand to receive it. Often times I end up being the one to say 'Thank You' first. Sometimes, I end up being the only one to say 'Thank You'. Unfortunately, they don't know that it's because of habits like that that made me the richer one.
       I tell Cab Drivers, Shop Attendants, & Others 'Thank You' even when I give them money.
       NO! It is not crazy. It is wise. It is sophisticated. It is the way of the Rich. It is the way of a Gentleman (or a Lady).
       Do the same thing. Be quick to say 'Thank You' over every little thing. It's more blessed and attracts more blessings to give away "Thank You's" & "Smiles" at every opportunity that comes your way than to keep your "Thank You's" to yourself like giving it out is cutting and giving out a pound of your own flesh that is close to your heart.

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