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Never Be Late For An Appointment: Where Is Your Chivalry? - by Alfred

   A Lady Of Quality or A Gentleman must never be late for an appointment.

   Being a Lady Of Quality or A Gentleman is the ultimate Crown For Character. It is the highest stamp of good standing of a Human Being’s character.
   One can hardly bear the highest crown in the land for possessing a noble Character and yet still wear indiscipline’s most pronounced badge called: Tardiness.

   Ladies & Gentlemen, it is not of good character to be late. Always be on time. Leave tardiness to the men & women of lesser virtue. Tardiness is not for you. It is not for one of good character to keep anyone waiting.
   Any excuse is just an excuse for not being of reliable character and not keeping your word as to the time of the appointment (which is actually a FIXED AGREEMENT which you just broke/ violated by coming late).
   That doesn’t tell well on your character as a Lady or as a Gentleman.

   However, if you are late even by 5 minutes, beg with emphasis & sympathy for forgiveness as though you just ran over the feet of the person’s 5 year old child with your car but the child is still alive.
   Beg as though you’ve committed a crime that is   very easily unpardonable & the effectiveness of your begging is the only thing standing in-between honor & dishonor.
   However, remember you have taking the Oath of Alfredonian Chivalry. Therefore, beg like a King or Queen. Beg with dignity and like a man or woman with Authority.
  Chin up, Shoulders straight, & speak with authority when you beg.
   This would erase any foreseeable or unforeseeable effect of your sin of tardiness, and restore or install you in a favorable position of reliable character in the eyes of all who are aware of the matter even though you have just done something quite the contrary.
   In fact, the News would begin to spread that you are a very punctual & reliable person who takes punctuality very seriously.

   Remember Alfredonian Etiquette is not to imprison self expression or individuality but to prevent the destruction of civilization by bringing order to self expression.

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