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Always Lift Your Baseball Cap or Bow Your Head Slightly When Addressed by or Introduced To A Lady: Where Is Your Chivalry? - by Alfred

   Always lift your baseball cap or hat when addressed by or introduced to a lady.
If you don’t happen to have any head covering on, then bow your head slightly.

Why should his be done you may ask. It is because women – all women are Queens and a Queen deserves to be addressed as a Queen at all times and never as a commoner.

   This tradition must be kept because it’s always a Gentleman’s privilege to be addressed by or introduced to a lady. By lifting up his hat, he is expressing his respect for all women & also making a strong visible statement that he is indeed honoured to meet her or have the privilege of being spoken to by her.

   The lady must also acknowledge this extra courtesy by nodding a little more or once again, as well as smiling a little more, or even expressing more visible delight at being introduced to one who upholds her (and all womankind upon a pedestal).
   The Lady cannot extend the same level of courtesy she extends to one who just merely greets her to the one who lifts his hat to her in honour.
   Unto the one who goes an extra mile in honoring her, she should also go an extra mile in reciprocating the honour. Or else she is unfair and not being a Lady.

   Another beautiful function of raising one’s hat to a lady is that it sends the message across that the lady is now in the presence of a Gentleman and she should rest assured that all her rights as a Queen & all her privileges as a Lady would all be honored and kept.

   Lifting your hat to a Lady very justly says, ‘You Are In Safe Hands Now.’

   Though it may not be physically said, the message is definitely passed across. And though it may not be consciously acknowledged as received, it is very very much so unconsciously received and the lady’s actions or treatment of such a Gentleman very easily & readily proves so.

   Remember Alfredonian Etiquette is not to imprison self expression or individuality but to prevent the destruction of civilization by bringing order to self expression & language to expression itself.

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