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A Lady or Gentleman Of Good Breeding Always Asks For Permission 1st If He or She Must Play His or Her Music Too Loud: Where Is Your Chivalry? - by A.B.King

  How do you do? All is well, I trust?
   I'm honored you've decided to grace my humble article with a few minutes of your time. What you are about to learn would bless you for a lifetime.
   One of the very foundations of being a Lady or A Gentleman is being considerate about the feelings and comfort of others.
    The Biblical admonition of Treating Others How You Would Like To Be Treated Yourself is an eternal background theme behind all principles of Gentlemanly or Lady-Like behavior & demeanor.
   Being a Gentleman or Lady is difficult and perhaps even impossible if genuine Love & Concern for the welfare and well-being of all human beings (especially those around you)  has not taken dominion over your heart.
   A Love that only a relationship with God can put there and also keep burning.
   You must be considerate of other people's feelings & comfort at all times if you have wisely chosen to life a live of Chivalry.
   Therefore, among other things, you cannot play your music too loud without the permission of those who would have to either 'endure' or 'enjoy' the sound.
   If it is impossible or inappropriate to ask for permission from those who would have the 'inconvenience' or 'convenience' of hearing it when you play it too loud, then you must assume it would be an inconvenience and therefore not play it too loud.
   Treat others how you would like to treated. How would you feel if the time you didn't want to listen to music at all and just wanted to enjoy some peace and quiet just happened to be the moment before the second one annoying neighbour decides to turn up his or her system to the highest volume possible and destroys all your hopes & dreams of enjoying some peace & quiet.
   Well, when you play your music too loud without permission it is the other way round; You Are The One Who Is The Annoying Peace - Killing & Dream - Assassinating Neighbour.
   Remember Alfredonian Etiquette is not to imprison self expression or individuality but to prevent the destruction of civilization by bringing order to self expression.

- A.B.King.

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