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A Lady Never On The Left: Where Is Your Chivalry? - by Alfred

   A lady should never walk, stand or sit at the left side of any Gentleman.
   A lady who does so is taking the position of a slave or a servant and is in fact telling everyone that she is a maid or the servant of the gentleman beside her.
   A Gentleman, must also ensure that any lady in his company is at his right hand side and not his left, unless she is a maid or a secretary or something of the sort. The only exception to the rule is when the right hand side is the more dangerous side for the lady, then the Gentleman must assume the more dangerous side and ensure the lady is on the safer left hand side. eg. If they are both walking on the sidewalk and the right hand side is closer to the road. The Gentleman must walk on the side closer to the road so if a car was to swerve off the road; he would be the one in harm’s way not the lady.
   Remember Alfredonian Etiquette is not to imprison self expression or individuality but to prevent the destruction of civilization by bringing order to self expression.

Why You Should Share This Post: So more women can know the meaning of the position they stand, sit, or walk whenever they are with a man. 

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