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A Lady Always Laughs At A Gentleman’s Jokes & Vice Versa Even If The Jokes Are Not Funny: Where Is Your Chivalry? - by Alfred

   It is indeed rude & quite unkind not to laugh at someone’s jokes.
   It is sad that many people don’t know this, much less observe it.

   If you cannot find it within yourself to laugh or force a fake laugh out of courtesy, you should at least smile after the joke is told to let your companion know you appreciate his effort and his time.
   It is quite evil to do otherwise. In fact, one might even call it down right evil to not at least express the slightest appreciation for someone who has taken it upon himself or herself to make you laugh, no matter what the motive might be.

   It is like somebody giving you a gift and you failing to say Thank You. It doesn’t matter if you like the gift or not, as a Lady or Gentleman; you must say Thank You. Even if you plan to throw the gift away or give it to a beggar in the next ten minutes. You must still say Thank You as you receive the gift.
   In the same way, you must thank anyone you cracks a joke for your benefit (even if it is not for your benefit alone).
   Don’t worry, fear not. When you only smile, the person telling the jokes would understand that you don’t find the jokes amusing but would be glad & appreciative that you at least smiled and they wouldn’t feel too bad. They would get the message that it is not in their best interest to tell you more jokes as you are not particularly inclined to like their brand of jokes or particular type of sense of humor.

   Sending the “I’ll Prefer The Jokes Stop” message across politely with a kind smile is sure to work, but if it doesn’t and your companion persists on telling more jokes; stop smiling after the second joke and politely try to change the subject to something else.

   If after repeated tries of changing the subject (or successfully changing the subject) and still more jokes follow. Excuse yourself and leave if you are in a group and you’re not the sole recipient of the jokes. However, if you are the sole recipient of the joke or you are personally intimately close with over 85% of the members of the group; then be direct and tell your companion who is full of jokes that it’s surprising to you that you have found that you personally don’t get his brand of jokes but you appreciate them all the same. Tell him or her that his or her taste in jokes runs at cross purposes with yours, but thankfully other people in the group understand it.

   Never say anything that points at saying your companion’s jokes are bad or not funny, but rather point the finger at you as just not having the type of sense of humor that would appreciate them and has a taste for a different brand of jokes.
   That should definitely send the message home. However, if it doesn’t seem to do so and your companion persists, then your companion is EVIL, wicked, inconsiderate and not worthy to be the friend of anyone. Especially you.
   End such an association or friendship. If you can’t find it in yourself to do it directly, excuse yourself right there and then, & leave.

   In the future, limit all interactions with him or her to a simple “Good Afternoon” and “Goodbye.” Always be urgently going somewhere and never available to stop and chat or book a date with them whenever you meet them, if you know what I mean.

   Remember Alfredonian Etiquette is not to imprison self expression or individuality but to prevent the destruction of civilization by bringing order to self expression.

Why You Should Share This Post: The application of this information would increase the charm of any woman substantially in the eyes of all men.
Men like to be appreciated, especially when they go out of their way to be appreciated. 

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