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Why Should The Divorce Of Brad & Angelina Surprise Me When Angelina Has Lost The Beauty Of Her Youth That Attracted Brad In The First Place. Liberal Beliefs Equals To Liberal Outcomes - by A.B.King

   I suppose one thing they never tell men and women of this generation and the previous generations that began to walk away from Christ and conservative values is that when you are liberal, you actually are liberal.
   You exchange discipline for "doing what thou wilt" (which would land you in a pot of soup ever so often).
   You exchange steadiness for looseness & indulgence.
    You exchange "Principle" for freedom from moral responsibilities.

     You also exchange Security for Uncertainty.
     Or should I say, certainty of insecurity.

   Abandoning True Christianity & Conservationalism for Liberalism & Secular Humanism Is A Pathway That Never Leads To Happiness.

    Those who think it's O.K! for other people to get a divorce, are automatically open to the idea of getting a divorce themselves when they meet a problem, after all divorce is O.K!

   Men who are attracted to a woman because of her looks are quite naturally going to lose interest when her looks are gone.
    If a dog comes to you because of a bone, when the bone is gone he has no reason to stay. He would look for a bone elsewhere.

    Hollywood celebrates the beauty of a woman in her youth and throws her away when the wrinkles start showing up, hence the use of all kinds of face-lifts, plastic surgeries, and medical procedures that come with trying to make the appearance of youth last longer (even in actresses that are above 80 and are trying to look 50).

     Men do not cheat on women because they do not love them.
    Men cheat because of lack of Discipline & Integrity. Two basic hallmarks of conservatism.

     Unfaithfulness in marriage is not about the presence or the absence of love. It is about the absence of Discipline & Integrity.

     A man may have Discipline & Integrity, and not love his wife but because he upholds discipline & Integrity he would not cheat on his wife.
      Likewise, a man can take a bullet for his wife and engage in the most sacrificial feats for her in one week, but he would fall into the temptation of a seductress if he doesn't have the Discipline to withstand her temptation and the Integrity to take the necessary steps to ensure the seductress never gets a second chance.

     Also, you can't have friends who cheat or live in an environment where it is condoned and nurtured then expect the world around you not to rub off on you.
     If you condone cheating in your friends without reprimanding them or threatening to end your friendship with them if they don't stop cheating on their wives and perhaps even come clean with them, even though you may not be cheating on your own wife yet and may think that you never will; you have already registered your heart and soul to be warm towards to idea because you have convinced your heart and soul to be O.K with your friends doing so.

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