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Nigeria Decides To Sell Its National Assets To Europe & America. None Of Them Are Intelligent Enough To See That They Are Selling Themselves Into Slavery, 56 Years After Their Independence - by A.B.King

   I continue to be appalled by the low level of intellect of this generation.
   First of all, Africa is about to become a country and no more a continent, yet many people don't know it though it is taking place right before the eyes of anyone that cares to look, thanks to three primary organisations:

1) The African Union.

2) The Council On Foreign Relations.

3) The Clinton Global Initiative

    To find out more about that, browse my old News articles and you would find how I outlined how this feat is being carried out, along with the proof.

    Anyway, Nigeria which was and still is the richest country in Africa has run into some financial difficulty after electing a man without even a High School education to be their President.
    Technically, they are now in a recession.


     Amazingly, when they were electing an illiterate into office they didn't see this coming.

    Anyway, Nigeria is in soup now, and even more amazingly the illiterate President and all the amusing leaders of the country have decided the way out is to make the most stupid financial decision since... well I guess, since the American people where convinced by Obama, Democrats & Republicans that the way out of debt is to get into more debt.

    Well, the Nigerian Government has decided to sell most of her assets just to rectify a temporary situation.

    Many centuries ago the British cleverly "visited" Africa in a way that made the guests the host, and the hosts the guest.
    I guess the word that the dictionary proposed for such a scenario is: Colonization.
    In this case, it made the British the official owners of Africa's assets. Therefore the official owners of Africa.

    It's just been only a few years since Nigeria has gained her Independence. 56 years to be exact.

    Now she wants to sell her assets willingly to Europe, America & Other Foreign Investors.

    It's like selling one's children into slavery just to get money to feed today.
     What happens tomorrow?
     Tomorrow you have no children and no food.

     How selling one's assets sounds like a bright idea is beyond me.

     Once, Africa was forcefully owned by the British. Now Nigeria is willingly going to sell herself to the British just so her currency would stop dropping against the dollar today.

     What happens tomorrow?

How Do I Make Money From This?:
     Anyway, since people want to sell themselves into slavery, I suppose they are within their rights to do so.

      So the question is, (for those of us who think) : how do we make money from this - how do we take advantage of this.

   Simple! Position yourselves to buy those assets via Select Hedge Funds & Select Trusts when those assets are ready for sale.

    If you can't take advantage of those situations because of your reach, just buy Nigerian Bonds.

    If you are inside Nigeria and you are smart, I suggest you go to any Stanbic IBTC Bank in Nigeria, ask for the Asset Management Department and tell them you want to invest in Government Bonds.

   Act now and you could be one of the future owners of Nigeria. Owning Nigerian Assets as your personal property.

    This of course is bad news for Nigeria, but good news for those who invest early.

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