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Why The Just Released Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Is The Most Powerful Phone In The World - as told by A.B.King

- You Use Your Eye To Open The Phone: Like a James Bond movie you can lock your phone so only a scan of your iris can open it.

- The same Storage Capacity of a Premium Laptop: 256 GB.

- Now 100% Water Resistant; including the S - Pen. 

- It has everything else every other Android Phone currently on the market has. 

What If Jesus Was In The Picture:
- It would have a pre-installed bible.

- It would have no never seen before technology to protect users from seeing Porn. Perhaps pictures would be scanned first in the background in micro - seconds to see if the color of the skin on the face repeats itself in certain other regions of human detected figures in images or even videos (namely the chest and waist region), and then the User's pre - choosen censorship option to either cover that region with pixelated blur or crop out those regions or just jump over such moments in video timelines (for videos) or just not open the image (for pictures) and ask the user if he or she would like to proceed delete the image because it contains unwholesome imagery.

- It would probably come with a free one year subscription of "Rhapsody Of Realities", the number one Christian Daily Devotional of all time. 

The Benefits Of Jesus In The Picture:
- The phone would have been truly perfect.

- The phone's pre-installed Christian content would lead to many people exploring the gospel and becoming Christians, which in turn would lead to making the world a better place.

- The Phone's Development Team would all have had a more fun and happy environment to work in.

- The Phone's Development Team wouldn't have to worry about Fair Pay or future pensions for their years of service to Samsung.

How To Make Money From This:
- Invest in Samsung via the Stock Market.

- Invest in Samsung's direct competition Apple. Especially keeping in mind that they would have no choice but come up with a product to top this if they want to maintain their position in the market and not get entirely forgotten. 
   So you get to invest in Apple now before Apple creates a response to the Samsung Galaxy Note 7.

- Invest in Google which not only would make money from the Note 7, but also makes money from any Android phone being sold from the Past, the Present, and the future.
   In fact, investing in Google is more strategic than investing in Samsung itself when it comes to making money from Samsung's Note 7.

- Make a YouTube video about the Note 7 and include Amazon Affiliate links in the YouTube description and in the video tell people the link is there.

- Register a new website dedicated to the Samsung Galaxy Note line and how people use it.
   Choose a Domain Name that looks official as though Samsung itself owns it eg. or or
    Sell Samsung Notes yourself directly to customers or have Amazon Associates links on the site.

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