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The Bye Bye Man - a movie review of the anti - Jesus & anti - Religion propaganda piece

   A Short Story by Robert Damon Schneck  has now been turned into a movie. The Hollywood Studio as it often does paid the writer then assigned its own writer that's more intune with their agenda to turn the short story into a screenplay like the original writer is incapable of doing that.
   The writer they choose for the job among their stooges is Jonathan Penner.
   The movie is the most clever attack on Christianity that I have ever seen in a long time. It takes subliminal themes to a whole new level.
   The last time I saw such a clever attack on Christianity was in "The Legend Of The Seeker" series.
    In this movie, basically The Bye Bye Man is a boogie man who gets into your mind and makes you see things that aren't there and as you react to them you are actually in reality doing things that jeopardize your physical safety.
    Get this: the only way to defeat the Bye Bye Man is to stop believing in him.
   The more you believe in him the more powerful he gets. The more people believe in him the more powerful he gets.
    So how do you get rid of the boogie man, how does the world get rid of the boogie man?
    By ceasing to believe in him.
   This is a clever and leading atheistic theme that go get rid of all the problem & death around the world caused by religion, everyone just has to stop believing in religious figures.
    It is clever. It is there. It is a uniform message sent out in fantasy based Hollywood plots.
   Like Animal Farm which on the surface was a seemingly innocent story about animals on a farm, but on closer diagnosis was a parallel to a deeply political reality, This movie The Bye Bye Man is just a parallel to what many atheists in their warped minds think in the solution for all the problems of today they think is caused by religion.
    Because in their minds; the love & belief in religion is the root of all evil.
    Note: In the movie, The Bye Bye Man figure is actually the root of all evil.

What If Jesus Was In The Picture: 

- It would be a good movie.

- It would be a truthful movie, not a pack of lies.

- It would last longer on the shelves in stores.

 The Benefits Of Jesus In The Picture: 

-  The cast would not be compromising themselves in such a manner as they have done, by whether knowingly or unknowingly pitching themselves against the kingdom of God.

- I would have personally recommended it.

 How To Make Money From This: 

- Invest in the largest competitor of Intrepid Pictures(the company that made the Propaganda Movie), Time Warner.

- Write a short Facebook or Pinned Twitter post about the comic and include a link that links to an Amazon Associate link in it.

- Invest in STX Entertainment, the company that is licensed to distribute the film, along with thousands of other films.

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