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Play Station Underground: ABZU PS4 Gameplay Preview - Posted by A.B.King

Did You Know?:
- This is the first project from the brand new video game studio; 'Giant Squid'.

- Matt Nava who was the Art Director of the Video Game called 'Journey' is also the Art Director of this game.

- Austin Wintory who was the Musical Composer for 'Journey' is also the musicial composer for this game.

What If They Had, Had Jesus In The Picture:
- It would have been a more fun game to play.

- I would have been happy to recommend it.

The Benefits Of Having Jesus In The Picture:
- It would have been a Christian video game and therefore served a very very  very large yet very ignored market.

- Teamwork in the game studio might have actually moved quicker and the Team atmosphere would have been more fun and loving.

- The Holy Spirit would have actually been present in the studio during the making of the game. And guess what? He could have inspired them and given them tips and pointers on how to improve the game.

- Everyone on the Team would have filled fulfilled. As they would be making more than just a Game. The whole team would fill fulfilled because they are serving a Higher Calling. They won't be making just a game. They would be making something that actually changes somebody's life. As many that play it infact. Either it would be designed to include a prayer in one of the cinematics to lead them to Christ or the message of the game would be so meaningful that it would draw players closer to Christ.

How Can I Make Money From This:
- Buy shares in Sony, the makers of the Play Station console  (when the stock price is down).

- Create a free Amazon Associates account if you don't already have one and them post your honest thoughts about the game in a single post on your blog, tumblr, twitter, or Facebook but include your Amazon Affiliate link to the product on Amazon. Should anyone click the link and buy the game, you would be paid a commission.

- Make a YouTube video expressing your honest opinion about the game. Enable AdSense ads for the video. 
   Also remember to put an Amazon Associates link to the game in the description of the YouTube video; so should anyone who watches the video buy the game you get paid a commission.

- Invest in the competition of 'Giant Squid', and I'm taking about EA Games.
    The primary reason why you shouldn't bother to invest in Giant Squid is because it is a new company, it has no proven track record.
    However EA Games is number one and has been that way for decades. It has a proven track record plus major exclusive deals with organisations like the NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, ... and more which other video companies don't have and would never even be given the opportunity to even ask for such a deal.

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