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Dead Rising Reboot For PS4 - a video game news update by A.B.King

   In celebration of Dead Rising franchise's 10th Anniversary, Capcom would be rebooting 3 classic games from the series for the PS4.
    Namely,  Dead Rising, Dead Rising 2, and Dead Rising 2: Off the Record.
     Is is just me or there a general longing for nostalgia within the entertainment industry. All across the board.
    Everybody is wishing for the good old days.  

What If Jesus Was In The Picture:

- I would personally buy the game.

- The game would instantly make headlines and be trending on twitter weeks with controversy. A Christian Zombie Game? That's a stream of debates and controversy waiting to happen.

The Benefits Of Jesus In The Picture:

- It would be more than just a game.

- The game would instantaneously make the Guinness Book Of World Records because it would be the 1st & only Zombie game in the world with reference to Jesus.  

How To Make Money From This:

- Invest in Capcom.

- Invest in one of the competing companies also traded on the Stock Market; EA Games, Ubisoft, or Activision.

- Invest in the maker of the PlayStation console that all the other companies make games for; Sony.

- Print custom T-Shirts with artwork that reference the game but cleverly doesn't infringe on copyrights. Believe me it's very easy to do. Advertise the T-Shirts via google adsense, Video Game blogs, forums, YouTube channels, and YouTube videos. Sell the T-Shirts on eBay, Amazon, and other marketplace sites. Remember your target audience is fans on zombie filled video games like Resident Evil, don't restrict your efforts to just one game.


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