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A Secondary School Boy Burns Down A Girls Dormitory In Mombasa, Kenya - as told by A.B.King

    Thankfully, no life was lost.

How Do I Make Money From This:

- Make calls and offer to buy up shares in existing schools in Kenya. You must make it clear that you want to bring the schools up to International Standard in the quality of the education and in the security area (obviously) as well.

- Invest in companies that publish school books in Kenya, Africa or distribute it.
In this case, investing in African book publishing companies is better than investing in book distributors.

- Invest in a company that sells state of the art security systems that have a strong and growing presence in Kenya.

- Start a small Tutorial Website for $250 or less and make it an open source tutorial marketplace that anyone can login and buy & sell tutorials. Have a special campaign for Kenyan Students, let your company be accredited with a real school or educational institution in Europe & America and let some special courses actually lead to a valid accreditation of some sort from the European or American institution.

- Create a Blog targeted at Kenyan Students and run paying affiliate links to Universities or Schools that offer Online Courses to International Students including Kenya.

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