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A Ghanaian Immigrant Stabs A Young Man To Death In Plaistow Park, London - as told by A.B.King

   The 18 year old Ghanaian Immigrant is actually a Legal immigrant. He was born in the U.K but his parents are from Ghana. 

    Africans with means are notorious for going on 'Tourist Vacations' in the U.K and America when their wife is pregnant and they are sure she is a few days or weeks due to give birth. That way, when their wife gives birth in America or in the U.K they automatically become Citizens By Birth. Thereby, they give their child access to opportunities they believe they never had.

    Which may very well be the case in this 18 year old's story.  

   However, instead of making something of this life this Hip Hop Culture consumed fellow is a well known Drug Dealer around Plaistow Park.

     Now he has been charged with murder for stabbing another black man to death in Plaistow Park, east London, in front of many witnesses. Including the victim's mother.

    Now here's an even sadder part of the story.

     Why did he stab him? Because he didn't like they way he looked at him.


      That was the reason.

     Too much Negative Hip Hop is bad for you.

     Now if this clown had Christ and had focused on his studies in the U.K none of this could have happened.

     However, we live in a time where it is cool to be an idiot.

     But sooner or later a day of reckoning must come where one must pay the very expensive price for being an idiot.

How Can I Make Money From This:

- You can increase profits enormously of an already existing company by adding a cooperate stance add-on to your existing company that is Pro-Africans in other countries by showing and showcasing the achievements of reasonable Africans & Ghanaians in other countries. You can start an ad campaign that simply advertise what real Ghanaians and 'Legal' African immigrants are contributing to Europe & America. At the end of the ad you can then add something like; This message has been brought to you by ...(Then you drop your company's name).
    This would help bring undying loyalty from African immigrant communities for your company's product because they would see you as somebody who stands from them. Even those who may think you are just doing it as a marketing ploy would still patronise your products because at least you are only business who even cared enough to recognize their community.
    You now strike an emotional cord with these marketers.

- You can invest in Life Insurance firms or create one that would play on the fears of sudden or unforeseen deaths of relatives. I mean think about this boy that was stabbed; an innocent bystander. It very easily could have been you or one of your loved ones. Imagine if you  or your loved ones aren't insured what happens next.

- You can invest in already security firms or security gadgets manufacturing firms in the U.K or Germany that have a long and proven track record of favourable financial performance (profits).

- You can pay a company to create an app that allows people in any country report any suspicious activity and build up a large data base of offenders.
    You could charge people a huge or medium amount of money monthly to gain access to view the database and know if they are currently around a registered offender that was registered by another user of the app that may or may not have an active monthly subscription on the app.
    You could also make millions of dollars monthly by selling all this information to various Governments or Government spy agencies.
    Or you could make everything free and run ads on the app using admob which is free and available to app owners and developers. However, this option is not very recommendable as it is far less profitable.

- You can start your own Bodyguard Firm in Europe or America and that is actually you employing Street Wise thugs, polishing them, and then charging people a fortune to have these polished street wise thugs be their bodyguards.
    So its actually a completely legal Protection Racket that works on the same side with the police. Protecting innocent citizens but for a fee ... a huge fee.  


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