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What Broke My Heart Of Stone - a bedtime story (for all ages) by Pastor Alfred

   Once upon a time in a place far far away from where you are right now& during a time that looked just like the medieval days, there lived a vicious gang of thieves who called themselves “The Hawks”. They were quite notorious and anywhere they struck they left people shivering with fear and with all their valuables gone. The law seemed powerless against them and the Hawks just kept on terrorizing the lands without any hope of an end to their reign of terror in sight....

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What Is The Value Of A Life? - a poem by Pastor Alfred

How much can you pay to buy another human being?/
How much can you pay for every Sight they've ever seen?/
Can a million Gold coins buy every Sound they've ever heard/
Every thought they've ever had, Every Song they'll ever sing?/...

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Sunday Morning Blues - a poem by Pastor Alfred

The Sun rays slowly crawls through my window/
It kisses my closed eyelids with Gusto/
My eyes roll open like a hand of Ludo/
I stretch Good Morning like I'm practising Judo/...

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Don't Ask God How - a poem by Pastor Alfred

Don't ask God how, just take the first step/
God's dream for our dreams are too big to comprehend/
They always scare us and exceed boundaries of common sense/
Does God think more of us than we think of ourselves?/
If we stand and reason how to reach our Reserved Seat on Mountains/
Reality would get off its seat and slap us upside the head/...