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War Stole My Daddy - a bedtime story (for all ages) by Pastor Alfred

   War broke out amongst two great nations. There was so much uncertainty in the air and all troops were called upon to fight for their country. Amongst the troops was a soldier whose daughter’s name was Felicia. Today was a sad day for her, her Mum and her little baby brother as well. Saying goodbye was just too difficult for Felicia. She was afraid that if she said it, it would be her last time of saying it. Felicia may have only been a little girl but she understood what was really happening; her Daddy was going to war and he may never return.
   Her Dad kissed away the tears on her cheeks then waved Goodbye...

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What Is The Value Of A Life? - a poem by Pastor Alfred

How much can you pay to buy another human being?/
How much can you pay for every Sight they've ever seen?/
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Every thought they've ever had, Every Song they'll ever sing?/...

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Don't Ask God How - a poem by Pastor Alfred

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God's dream for our dreams are too big to comprehend/
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Does God think more of us than we think of ourselves?/
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I'll Be Taking A Break From Writing For A While

....zzzzz !!!!!
     I don't know how long it would last.... Days... Weeks... Months... Seconds???