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The U.K Home Office Is Strengthening Its Program To Stop illegal Immigrants From Returning To Their Home Countries In The Name Of Stopping Terrorist Recruitments - written by A.B.King

    When you come into our country "illegally", you must stay in our country. There is no going back. You must become a citizens.

  "   I feel sorry for the masses. I feel sorry for those who trust governments.
    I feel sorry for anyone who doesn't have power. Even more so those who can't see that the lack of power means the acknowledgement of slavery. As obviously if you do not have the power over your life , your destiny , your future which must all be subject to the laws & events of the country you love in then somebody else has it. Somebody else has the power. Somebody else has the power over your life.
       That is called Slavery. That is called being one of the Masses.

    A wise man seeks to separate himself from the masses so his state and his estate is independent of the state of the nation he is in.

     He is in the nation, but not subject to the nation.     

     Be Wise ! 

     99.8% of the citizens of this world are puns. Freedom is an illusion where Government exists."

   - A.B.King.

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A Letter From Regarding My Last Book


Thanks for publishing with Amazon. We’re contacting you regarding the following book(s):

Everyday Is An Adventure: a collection of short stories for kids by Alfred, Pastor (AUTHOR) (ID:10403300)

While reviewing your book(s), we found content inside that’s freely available on the web.

Before we can move forward, we’ll need you to take one of the following actions within five days. If no action is taken within the five days, your book(s) will be blocked and you won’t be able to offer it for sale on Amazon:

-       A contract from the author or publisher verifying you have retained publishing rights, or
-       URLs for all the websites where this content is published AND a statement via email from the domain(s) saying you have retained publishing rights

As a reminder, since publishing books without holding the necessary publishing rights is against our policy, we may suspend or terminate accounts that try to do so.

For any questio…

Everyday Is An Adventure: a collection of short stories for kids - by Pastor Alfred

CLICK HERE TO GET A COPY    Everyday Is An Adventure is a collection of 25 short stories for kids. They are stories that would put a smile on your face after juggling a range of emotions within you as you get hooked on the characters and find you relate fondly to many curves in the storylines as though the stories where written specifically for you.
   All the stories promote basic Christian Values and has something all ages can learn from.

   This collection of precious stories also makes for a great gift for your friend's kids and young relatives too.


New Book Filled To Ourflowing With Mind Blowing Revelations Coming Soon

New Book Filled To Ourflowing With Mind Blowing Revelations Coming Soon.