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Africa Is About To Become A Country And No More A Continent. One Passport For All Africans. One Governing Set Of Rules. One Leader

    Though the terms "country" and "continent" may still be used, in actuality all the properties & features of a country would be expanded to the whole continent. It would all be done under the cloak of peace and making Africa united and become one but it is just the greatest white collar pen & paper conquest of nations ever pulled.
     There would now have to be uniform laws across the board, Organisations that enforce the uniform laws across the board, Organisations that represent the whole and whatever they say or decide must supersede the old regional and local organisations that have always been there.
    Thus a drastic shift of Power.
    And this is all unfolding before our eyes in our generation, Africa is about to become a country and Africans everywhere are non the wiser. Right now that all their concentration and attention is on the controlled racism & cop killing acrobatics in America.
    One organisation with Representatives from every formerly called country would have to be in this mother organisation that would maintain order everywhere: a new world order where Africa is a country.
    Of course this organisation with Representatives from everywhere would have to have a Leader within the organisation.
    Now wouldn't this Leader's Seat be the Ruler and Leader of all of Africa.
    Wouldn't his power and authority have to be indisputable & unchallengeable for Order to be maintained and Peace to rein in Africa in such a new scenario.
     Interestingly, the Head Of This African Organisation would have to answer to the Council Of Foreign Relations and the 2 or 3 other organisations that sponsor it.

    So who would really he ruling Africa? 😑

    And all this happening under the very noses of Africans who are ignorant of the fate that awaits them.

     All this happening without Africa's permission.

      Behold your African Union.
      Africa becomes a country.

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