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Israel Shamelessly Held Its First Transgender Beauty Pageant A Few Days Ago - by A.B.King

   This is how Israel puts itself in trouble like it has done many times before and also suffered the consequences many times before.
   Israel is in such support of the LGBT community that they have decided to officially sanction and hold their first Transgender Beauty Pageant.
   God's own people. God's special people.
    Now we know why they are often victims and why it is possible for them to be victims in the first place when God is supposed to be their God.
    How come God's people are often victims of persecution and torment; and are often beaten down and frustrated on every side by their enemies?
   How can they be so vulnerable & suffer so much if the God and Creator of this world has singled them out as his own special people? How come?
    Simple. It is because they brought it upon themselves.
   Don't they know that the wages (payment) of sin is death.
    Sin (a.k.a breaching God's laws and will) gives the devil the legal permission and grants him access to attack & hurt the one who breaches the law.
   Isn't it written that whoever breaks the hedge, the serpent shall bite?
   Isn't it also written that the soul that sinneth would die?
   Every time Israel has faced a period of great persecution through the ages it was always an aftermath of the entire nation itself turning away from God or disobeying God. From the first time Israel was taken into slavery in the Bible days to the Holocaust by Hitler & the Nazis, such times only came after the nation turned away from God.
   Israel's story has always been a from break-ups to make-ups story with God. And all the time the fault of the breakup is always Israel's fault. It's never that God did anything wrong or things were not great, but often Israel looks at the world and wants to be like the other nations in the world therefore the leave what God told them to do; they leave his prescribed path for them and go and do what other nations are doing. 
   Thereby, also leaving God's protection and then Satan goes after them and attacks them with a great wave of persecution.
   The pattern has always been the same. It's a shame that Israel hasn't learnt its lesson till today. They always repeat the circle again and again through the various generations.
    What you Sow is what you Reap.
   Now Israel is sowing Sin, soon they would Reap its rewards in the form of great persecution as they always have.

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