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Female Ball Players Can’t Dunk - a bedtime story (for all ages) by Pastor Alfred

   Once upon a time there lived a tall beautiful and strong female basketball player named Lizzy. She was a good Christian teenage girl. She was clearly an asset to her high school’s female basketball team and could do anything on the court wonderfully well, except for the fact that she couldn’t dunk.

   Some other girl would have been convenient with not being able to dunk seeing that there is no pressure whatsoever for a female baller to be able to dunk. After all she could score. Her three pointers were a thing of beauty.

   However, Lizzy wasn’t just another girl. She was disturbed by her inability to dunk. Although it wasn’t something that bothered her enough to make her feel down, it was still something that disturbed her like a math problem that sticks with you forever until you figure it out.

   Lizzy became conscious and worried about her inability to dunk many years ago when she was much younger, her neighbor who was a boy and she always played basketball with just learnt how to dunk and was showing off. Lizzy tried to dunk serval times but she just couldn’t dunk. Then her neighbor told her that she shouldn’t worry about it, that FEMALE BALL PLAYERS CAN’T DUNK.

   Ever since that day Lizzy just couldn’t forget it. It was the memory that you want to go away but just won’t go away.

   Lizzie’s game had improved in every aspect ever since that day with the exception of her ability to dunk.

   One day, after Lizzy and her team had won a game, Lizzy had celebrated with her family as opposed to celebrating with team mates who’s idea of a celebration was to go to a night club which Lizzy was wise enough to know how stupid it was. Now Lizzy was sitting in her room with her best friend, Penny and they were just having fun talking about their dreams for the future.Along the line, Lizzy mentioned her worries about her inability to dunk.

   Penny told her that she is sure that she can dunk, that she would just have to believe in herself. Penny emphasized that just because there seems to be a belief out there that women can’t do something that men do doesn’t mean that it’s true. There is no rule that God made that makes it impossible for women to achieve something that men can.

   That conversation past but even days later what Penny said remained in her head.A few weeks later, as Penny practiced alone on the court, a battle raged within her – an argument raged within her. She struggled with whether she could dunk or not. It was like she was tied by a rope to that sentence that she had heard many years ago when she was younger that; “Female ball players can’t dunk.” Anytime she tried to rise up high enough in the air that sentence just pulled her back. Kinda like reminded her that her that she can’t jump over the line of natural female limitations.

   Lizzy knew that there were a few female professional basket ballers that could dunk and she used the thought of their existence to fight off all doubts of women’s abilities.

   Lizzy tried and tried to dunk that day but nothing happened. She just couldn’t dunk. Then about 3 hours later, she gave up and turned to walk away. Then she heard the voice of the holy spirit tell her that she should let go of the sentence that she heard so many years ago. That she is like a bird that’s afraid to fly just because it had never flown before. ALL SHE HAD TO DO WAS TO TAKE THAT LEAP OF FAITH. Believe and just do it.

   Lizzy turned back around. Then we ran, then lept into the air, and then BAMM!!! She dunked the basketball.

   Maybe, you are reading this right now and in some area of your life you are like Lizzy. Because of something someone had told you in the past you just can’t see yourself succeeding in what they said you would fail at. What you have to know now is that it is God who has the finally say. Let go of what people have said are your limitations and reach forward to becoming the man or woman of your dreams.

The End.


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