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Female Ball Players Can’t Dunk - a bedtime story (for all ages) by Pastor Alfred

   Once upon a time there lived a tall beautiful and strong female basketball player named Lizzy. She was a good Christian teenage girl. She was clearly an asset to her high school’s female basketball team and could do anything on the court wonderfully well, except for the fact that she couldn’t dunk....

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What Is The Value Of A Life? - a poem by Pastor Alfred

How much can you pay to buy another human being?/
How much can you pay for every Sight they've ever seen?/
Can a million Gold coins buy every Sound they've ever heard/
Every thought they've ever had, Every Song they'll ever sing?/...

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Don't Ask God How - a poem by Pastor Alfred

Don't ask God how, just take the first step/
God's dream for our dreams are too big to comprehend/
They always scare us and exceed boundaries of common sense/
Does God think more of us than we think of ourselves?/
If we stand and reason how to reach our Reserved Seat on Mountains/
Reality would get off its seat and slap us upside the head/...


I'll Be Taking A Break From Writing For A While

....zzzzz !!!!!
     I don't know how long it would last.... Days... Weeks... Months... Seconds???