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Advise For Elizabeth Holmes: Don't Mind The Haters, Just Keep Moving Forward - by A.B.King

   Someone once said, "The only thing people love to see more than the rise of a Star is the fall of the Star."
   The Main - Stream media has been puns today as I suppose is the only function they exist to fulfill, and they have done and said all they could to tarnish & destroy a Star that burned so brightly and only last year they showered with praise.
   First of all, Forbes assessment is not Law. Forbes assessment does not supersede the reality of one's Bank Account.
   When Forbes says someone has So & So and nothing more, everyone believes. Forbes has become like the Final Authority on the matter. Reality counts for nothing anymore.
   It's like a stranger in another country telling you everything you have in your bedroom and saying that whatsoever he mentions is all that's in your bedroom and nothing more.
   Forbes is never accurate in their wealth evaluation from afar frolics, and scientifically speaking it is impossible for Forbes to ever be accurate in anybody's case.
   Forbes doesn't even have me on its list. Forbes is a joke.
   In Miss. Holmes' case, first of; whether her shares are ordinary or preference they still have the financial value they are listed at on the books. They can't automatically be made Zero.
   Aren't over 90% the shares traded around the world Ordinary Shares? Does that mean that they are all worth nothing? Does that mean that all the brokers on Wall Street buy and sell nothing all day? Doesn't that mean that Wall Street is one Big Sham?
    Ooh! the extent some people would go to discredit a Bright Star.
   Aren't the shares of Jeff Benzos, Warren Buffett, Bill Gates, and other people on Forbes Top 20 list Ordinary Shares?
   If the worth of Miss. Holmes' shares in Theranos should be valued at zero because they are ordinary shares, then the ordinary shares values of Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, and everybody else should be valued at zero too.
   Common! Why should it be different in Miss. Holmes‘ case?
   This is definitely a plot against Miss. Holmes.
   Miss. Holmes company is super revolutionary and threatens the future and continuance of the Giants in her industry, now the littlest vulnerability has created an opportunity for them to amplify it and shamelessly try to destroy the company and reputation of Miss. Holmes.
   Money & Power can move mountains. And now those mountains are moving against Miss. Holmes.
   Other companies in the medical & pharmaceutical industry have actually released products that on record killed patients. Sometimes, drugs have even had to be called back after being pumped into the market. Yet many of these pharmaceutical companies never had their C.E.O's name and their company's name dragged through the mud like they have done with Miss. Holmes and her company.
   Because money talks and corruption & injustice rules.
    A bitter truth. But truth all the same.
   Forbes opinion about a company's ethics does not change mathematical realities or economics. Forbes cannot seriously estimate Miss. Holmes asset value at zero and expect the so called intelligent public to gobble it up.
    However, in this crazy world that mankind has created out of the world God created, this is exactly what has happened and is still happening.
    The public's anger with Miss. Holmes all boils down to her repeated refusal to work with the medical regulatory bodies (to the capacity that they require or demand whether justly or unjustly). Therefore, the Public views her as someone who doesn't care about human lives. Everything else is just a smoke screen.
    If Miss. Holmes would make infomercials that address and explain the whole issue, it would solve the most important part of the problem that counts.
If you faint in the time of adversity, your strength is weak.


1) Change The Name Of Your Company From  Theranos To Holmes

2) Get Rid Of Every Shareholder Who Doesn't Believe In You Via A Buy Out

3) People Want You To Be The "Poster Girl" For The Young & Successful Business Woman Of Today. Be That. Work On Building Your Brand As A Person.

4) Take A Que From Richard Branson And Let People (The Public) Know You. If They Don't Know You They Wouldn't Love You. And If They Don't Love You They Wouldn't Stand By You In Times Of Adversity.

5) Start A Personal YouTube Diary Of How You Spend Your Day Like The Young, Fun & Bright Lady People Want You To Be.

6) Diversify Your Product - Range (Products Still In Development & Those That You Can Start Shipping) Shift The Public's Focus & Attention From Just The One Blood Testing Product.

7) Partner & Make Friends With Your Competition Who Has More Money & Influence In The Industry & Media Than You Do; And Whose Companies Your Patented Innovate Product Threatens.

8) Develop Your Blood Testing Technology Even Further & Keep The Public Informed Via Your Company's Website & YouTube What You Are Doing Daily. They Need To See For Themselves That You Are Doing All You Can. They Need To See It & Believe It To Fall In Love With  You & Your Company's Brand As Well.

9) Share Stories Of People Who Your Innovative Product Has Helped Using YouTube And Your Companies Website Not The Main Stream Media

10) Surround Yourself With People Who Believe In Your Dreams & Aspirations. Politely Kick Out Everyone Else From Your Inner Circle.

11) Brand Yourself As The Role Model To Little Girls That You Want To Be But Don't Have Time For. Start Your Own "Big Sister" Events And Create Unflinching Loyalty For You Among Little Girls.

12) Pick A Disease (Most Likely An Incurable One) or A Medical Condition or Ailment And Start A Holmes Charity Foundation That's An Extension Of Your Company, Then Become The Icon For Fighting Or Helping People Suffering From That Disease or Ailment.

13) Make A.B.King Your Mentor.

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