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The Reason Why America Is The Way It Is Today - by A.B.King

Christianity in America has gone through a great many metamorphosis and I must say, not for the better.
   It has changed so much in such little time that many who are convinced they are Christians today & are categorized as such would hardly have been classified as a Christian five years ago.
   Even the standards have changed.
   Now, a guy whose foolishness permits deriving pleasure in the most unspeakable behaviour (eg: disrespecting women, visiting night clubs, drinking anything, smoking everything, lying everywhere, insulting Preachers, hating church, and even cheating people in business); can be categorized as a Christian in today's America just because he says that he is.
   5 years ago, even an atheist would not call that kind of person a Christian.
   Today; God's Mercy, Compassion, & Forgiveness is used as an excuse to excuse anything in the church.
   Now preachers don't even mention sin and forbid the mention of sin from the pulpit. Some even go as far as preaching against those who preach against sin and it is a belief that has infiltrated & spread into an extremely large number of churches in America.
   Of cause there is much more to the Gospel than the subject of sin. As a matter of fact it is one of the smallest matters. However, when preachers avoid and even preach against those who preach against sin; it would only create an America like we have right now: An America Where Anything Goes. An America where everyone does whatever they want. An America where what's wrong and what's right is only a matter of individual opinion. And as it is written, every man's way seemeth right in his own eyes.
   Isn't that just like America today?
   A woman who fights for the right to kill unborn children is convinced that what she is doing is right.
   A black racist who hates all white people and fights to hurt or destroy white people either physically, or emotionally, or psychologically, or financially; feels that what he is doing is right.
   Gang members feel that killing and robbing people is right especially if that person hurts them first or insults them.
   Corrupt politicians feel that abusing their position and taking advantage of the people who trusted them and voted them into that position is just "Politics" and therefore it's Ok!
   When God is taken out of a city or nation; this is what happens.
    When the Bible is taken out of its rightful place in society; this is what happens: Everybody does whatever they want and whatever they do is right in their own eyes. Every individual makes up his own rules for what is wrong and what is right.
   That is what has happened to America today and the churches in America has amplified or I dare say created this by not preaching against sin.
- A.B.King.

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