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How To Create Almost Any Kind Of Site For Free With Blogger

   Blogger has been around for years and is actually the site that invented blogging in the first place.
   It is rather much too simple now for it to be the Titan it once was now new CMS sites and processes have been invented.
   However quite a lot can still be accomplished with Blogger if you care to apply a little creativity to your
efforts you would find that you can still create sites that the current computer programmers of Bloggers didn't intend to be create-able using Blogger.
- Ecommerce Site:
Create posts that talk about the product but has a Buy Button that is a link to the product on a marketplace site like Amazon, Ebay, or Etsy.
- Dating Site:
Let every post be a profile page of a different person containing pics, brief bios, likes & dislikes, as well as the person's contact details.
All of this information could be gotten by making a Profile Submissions page that boasts your email and description of details about themselves you would like potential site users to submit to you.
- Appointment Booking Site:
Create an application page for intended site Users that boasts your email and calls for them to email you whatever details you please to verify they are indeed capable of rendering the service they intend to obtain clients or customers on your site out of site visitors.
   Then out of those who pass your test, send them a Site Author invitation using the 'site content contributors' panel in the Blogger Dashboard.
- A.B.King.

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