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For The Saints In America: What God Wants You To Do To Save Yourself, Your Kids, & Christianity Itself In America's Anti-Christian Future - by A.B.King


   The eyes of the whole world is on America, and it has always been that way since the creation of Hollywood.
   The Entertainment industry of America has captured the imagination of the world for many decades and has so influenced the world and the ideologies of not only America itself but also the ideologies as well as the Entertainment industries of every other country in the world. 
   Even the Movie Industry of India (if you would forgive me for being so bold): is shamelessly named after Hollywood. It is called Bollywood. That of Nigeria (in Africa) is called Nollywood. That of Ghana (also in Africa) is called Ghallywood.
   Nations around the world are shamelessly copying Hollywood to the minutest detail at the expense of originality and genuine creativity.
   If something were to happen to Hollywood; America would lose its charm and spell over the world.
   American owned corporations and cable networks are in every country of the world dominating its airwaves. 
   The #1 Cable networks & TV channels in every single country in the world is always owned by an American corporation which ironically often airs American programming more than locally produced programming. 
   Even in countries in Africa where you would think they couldn't possibly have TV's, they have Cable and are watching American programming with all the filth and mindless entertainment included that often refers to, promotes, or deals with issues and problems completely alien to them.
   Imagine a couple of kids in a very remote part of Africa whose life is simple and rotates around schooling & farming having to grow up watching shows like Jerry Springer.
   Imagine the complex and sinful ideas that have now been introduced into their simple uncomplicated lives.
   They can now imitate & emulate certain lifestyle choices & ideologies from the show that are just pure sinful and destructive, as it obviously has destroyed the lives of the Americans on the show whose ideas they are being exposed to and is now reconstructing their beliefs in Africa.
   Note that in Africa they are continually spending more time in front of a TV screen than with other human beings just like it is in America (However, Americans have moved on to the Internet as the #1 Companion that takes of the largest percent of their Time. Therefore, it is their new largest influencer & ideology shaper). 
   Since American ideologies and beliefs are what's dominating the air waves and TV programs around the world; it is what dominates the minds of the entire world which spends so much time seeking to fulfill their need to be entertained by a TV Screen or a Smart Phone screen.
   I believe it was Abraham Lincoln that said, "The ideology of a classroom in one generation, is the ideology of the nation in the next."
    This speaks volumes about how to radically change the minds & direction of an entire nation. It is by changing what is taught in schools. 
   Schools are for pouring information into students and if the student doesn't regurgitate that same information when asked to (often in form of Tests & Exams); the student is labelled stupid, unintelligent, and dull.
   School is not for Learning. School is not for Thinking.
   Thinking is actually suicidal in a school because you might (or should I say you definitely will) more often than not come to a different or slightly different conclusion on certain subjects & topics than what the Teacher said or what is written in a Text book. And when you do that, you would fail.
   You are not supposed to Think in school. You are supposed to reproduce whatever the Teacher tells you or what the Text books say. Otherwise, you would never Pass any Subject in school.
    Schools are for pouring one mind into many minds.
    The mind of the student that refuses to accept, believe, & remember whatever is poured into it is deemed stupid and would fail.
    So you see, school is the perfect set up for making people believe whatever in the world you want them to believe without resisting or questioning it no matter how ridiculous. And when they believe whatever you pour into them, they believe they are smart for believing, accepting, remembering, & even applying it. 
   You can now see how a world and an America that was so against Homosexuality and the mere mention of the word either in public or in private just 20 years ago could just totally change so radically that one of the things they were completely against the most 20 years ago has become one of the things they are for & promote the most today.
   20 years is just the right time for a complete educational circle for one generation.
   If God wasn't taken out of school and it being replaced with Secular Humanism,  the acceptance of Homosexuality (and a bunch of other things) today would not have ever happened.
   That is not to say influencing the school systems was the only thing those who wanted homosexuality  & sexual perversion to reign did to gain prominence. 
   Schools may be the mechanism to change the ideology of the nation tomorrow, but the mechanism to change the ideology of the nation today is the media. 
   The Homosexual Agenda wasn't only poured into minds by the educational system, it was also poured into minds by the media (Hollywood & The Major TV Networks to be exact).
   Look at how controlling Schools & The Media can change how people think about anything.
   You can turn kids against their parents. You can start Race wars. You can make people commit suicide. You can make people eat whatever you tell them it's healthy to eat just to promote a Food Brand. You can make people think it's only a certain type of image that a woman must attain before she can be considered beautiful & desirable while all other women who don't fall into your category are ugly. You can change Capitalists to Communists. You can change Saints to Sinners. You can start and end wars. You can do anything.
   Entire nations and continents become puns & puppets in your hands when you control Schools & The Media.
   Satan has known this and so Satan's people (a.k.a. people who hate God & are against anything Christian) have long taken possession of the Media & The Schools; which were both once controlled by those who valued Christian Principles. Thus, the change.
   The landmark change really began many years ago when the control & ownership of the Media and Schools shifted from Godly Men to Ungodly Men.
   My instruction for the Saints in America is simple. Start your own Christian Entertainment Company. No matter how much Or little you have you can get in on the Entertainment industry on one level or the other. If not Making Movies, organising Gospel Concerts. If not that, supplying props for studios. If not that, handing out free cookies or meals at Christian Movie sets or Book signings after arranging with those in charge.
    There are even simpler things that don't cost a dime like making YouTube videos which can very easily lead to the start of a global phenomenon. Or starting a series of free Christian webcomics that you can host for free on Blogger or Tumblr, and you can even earn money from it via Adsense, Amazon Associates, and Commission Junction at the same time.
    There are tons of things you can do. You might say, well I already have a business and it is taking up so much of my time. Well then, add a Christian entertainment department product line to your already existing business.
   If you don't have a registered company now with you as one of its Shareholders; get one.
   If you have made up one reason or the other and have convinced yourself that you cannot begin a new company, then contact somebody in your church, neighborhood or circle of friends and start a partnership. You can then be the silent partner who brings the original start-up capital while the other partner or partners do all the work. If you like, you can even put it in the Operating Agreement that you would file to the government that it is understood that you are free of all active managerial functions and responsibilities, that all managerial responsibilities fall on the active partner or partners.
    But whatever you do, you must start something. You must involve yourself in one way or the other in taking the Media for Jesus.
   If you desire it, start your own Private School. Get sponsorship from people around you and those on the web.
   Or if you want to do it the easy way, start hunting for schools in financial trouble and offer to become a Sponsor (a sponsor who is actually buying up ownership of the school in little percentages. After all, shares in the institution are just an insurance for your sizable donations & contributions to the school).
   If you are a Saint in America you must do something. You can't stand still and watch Schools & The Media continuously be controlled by Satan and his disciples. If you let this continue, very soon America would be beheading Christians and you won't be able to live or even stay in America anymore. You would have to become a refugee in some other country if you wish to remain a Christian.
   What else do you think Satan has planned for the Saints in America?
   Now is the time to act. Now is the time for us to take back our tomorrow. We must own and control Schools & The Media all around the world.
   If you think my words sound like a call for a Global Conquest, what about now that these things are in the hands of Satan? Would you rather that Satan continually remain in charge and Satan's Agenda for the world be continually fulfilled around the world? Is it not humane and descent to take it all back? Is it not Noble and Admirable to try to save the world? Is it not Noble and Admirable to try to save yourselves and your children?

- A.B.King.

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