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Bedtime Stories: Story #169: Freedom Died The Day Obama Forced American Public School Students To Convert To Islam - by A.B.King

This Is Based On A True Life Story. The True Story Was Published On 24th April 2016 at This Is A Fiction Piece Of A Non-Fiction Catastrophe.
This story is dedicated to C.W and her family who has suffered a great injustice and a violation of their human rights & freedom as well. This is to a family who sent their daughter to school only for the school to abuse her religious rights & beliefs by forcing her and other students to convert to Islam. In an America orchestrated by Barack Obama.
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   America! Land Of Free, Home Of The Brave.
   Or at least, that is what they used to say. That is what they used to say 5 years ago, ...but that was 5 years ago. Today! America Is A Nightmare.
   "IN COMING!!!"
   The loud warning rippled though the air in thunderous waves as the sound of a rocket launcher zipped through the air tearing nerves & pumping fear into every blood vessel that lay in the path of the missile's destination. 
   America was at war.
   War was finally within its borders.
   Who was America's enemy?
   Perhaps if America had asked itself that question 5 years ago it wouldn't be at war now.
   It wouldn't be lying in ruins as a war torn wasteland incapable of mirroring any semblance to even the faintest silhouette of its former glory.
   Blood, Tears, Fear and Pain littered the streets of New York which was now a desert of ruins, dead bodies, and diseases.
   Mr. James Wright ran through the wreckage with his blood stained left hand holding his son as tightly as he could. He couldn't tell if the blood on his palm with was his or his son's. There wasn't time to find out. Fear suggested to his heart that it was his son's, but there was no time to stop and listen to Fear which whispered to his soul and showed no signs of having any plans to ever be silent.

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