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Saint's Devotional: Your Atmosphere - by A.B.King

   Everybody has an atmosphere around them. I am talking about a more precise and unique atmosphere not just a positive or negative atmosphere.
   I remember back in the day when a friend came to my crib and met a relative at the front door. My relative asked him, “You are a Rapper right?” And the dude was like “Yea!”. Now, the dude didn’t even dress Hip Hop, but my relative knew that I had a Hip Hop atmosphere around me (At The Time). All my friends were Hip Hop, my clothes were Hip Hop, my talk ... everything. I even remember a time a Rapper was playing and was like men, my love 4 Hip Hop is so much and that I'm taking it too far. He said every time he sees me I’m either with a Hip Hop CD in my pocket or someone’s printed lyrics. And funny enough I dipped my hand in my pocket to find out and I pulled out someone’s lyrics.
   As a matter of fact, back then if you didn’t like Hip Hop you shouldn’t bother talking to me because I’m not interested in whatever you have to say.
   I remember in high school whenever teachers where teaching. I was busy writing rhymes at the back of the class, (they probably taught I was taking notes). No wonder I didn't graduate with the Laurels I was capable of.
   Away I’m saying all this to let you know the kind of atmosphere I used to have. Won’t it be cool and profitable to you if you had a Christian atmosphere around you; all your friends are Christian, all your movies are Christian, all your CD’s are Christian, all your dresses are Christian ... Everything about you is Christian. Oh! ... It would be the life.
   Strive for that!

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