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Saint's Devotional: A Word From God - by A.B.King

   There are times in life where all you need is direction. What is the next move you would make, what step would you take to fulfill the dream in front of you? . At such times brain-storming wouldn’t get you the answer but there is someone who always has an answer; his name is Jesus.
   All you need is a word from God. That kind of word is called “Rhema”.
   Rhema is a word from God for a particular person, for a particular purpose and at a particular season.
   Have you ever been in church and you feel like the preacher is talking only to you. It is like if the preacher did some personal research on your life and is now preaching a sermon with the solution to the problem you are
going thru. At that time what you are hearing is “Rhema”. Everybody else may be listening to the same sermon, but what you are hearing is not what they are hearing. What you are hearing is specifically for you. The Spirit of God has given you the grace to understand and grab a hold of what God is saying to you about your present situation. All you have to do is be spiritually attentive to hear what God is saying to you. It may be thru someone but it must always be in line with what the
bible says.

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