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Saint's Devotional: What Is In Your Hand? - by A.B.King

“So the Lord said to him, “What is that in your hand?” He said, “A rod,”

Exodus 4:2

   A few years ago; precisely in 2005. I attended a Christian Conference which lasted for about 5 days. On the fifth day a female Pastor from another ministry was given the opportunity to minister in songs. At some point she started singing in tongues and I couldn’t understand a word since I didn't have the gift of interpretation of songs at the time.
   Her blonde hair flew back continuously because of the current of the evening wind. This female minister who came to visit the city of Lagos in Nigeria could easily be mistaken for an Angel. In the mist of the beauty of the moment, she repeated only one sentence in between her singing in tongues as though it was an interpretation and something God really wanted us to hear. She repeated the words, “What is in your hand?” ... “What is in your hand?”, over and over again.
   Even though the sentence was never explained in the conference. As she spoke those words, the Spirit of God gave me the understanding to the meaning of the sentence; “What is in your hand?”.
   It was a word from God I needed at the time.  
   It was God’s way of telling me the dreams that I have; the businesses I want to start, instead of waiting for the capital to start a Muti-national co-operation I should use the little I have ( in my hand ) and start from there till it grows into that Muti-national co-operation.
   A quick example. I wanted to start my own printing company ( amongst other companies ) but I didn’t have the money at the time to buy a printing press and get workers. But I had an Internet connection and a Computer. With that ( which is in my hand ) I can make my own magazines in pdf or flash format and distribute them online, with the money I get I can use it to buy my own printing press.
   When you think through the process you would see I didn’t need to get money from any where, I only used what I already had to fulfil a dream that looked too big to achieve.
   I actually wrote this to all those who dream of starting their own video game company.  
   Now, you should know what to do.

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