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Saint's Devotional: The Stand by Generator - by A.B.King

   There maybe are times in life where we feel like all our strength and passion has been drained and what left of us doesn’t have what it takes to make it on our own.

   Well in times like this we need to remember our Stand by. The bible calls the holy Spirit our Stand by, which means that when we can make it on our own he steps in to aid us. Think about a wrestling tag – team match were when member of the team is tired he manages to crawl to where his partner is and touch him, for him to enter the ring and take his turn.

   The Holy Spirit is our partner. Isn’t that Great. When all our strength is gone all we need to do is crawl towards him on our knees by praying, and he would be there to help us.

   He could help by either making things to some how turn out for our good even when we taught all hope was lost or he could re – vitalize or energize us ( renew our strength ) [ Romans 8: 11 ] so that we would have what it takes to continue.

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