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Saint's Devotional: The Cheese & The Dream - by A.B.King

Everybody has different reasons for doing different things. Different motivations behind each task. They could be motivated by Fame, Love, Personal Ambitions, Money or something else.
The question is; “What motivates you to make video games?” Most people got into the industry for the love of the trade. The love of games. The thrill of making games. Along the line the shackles of reality may blur their vision and the circumstances of life may turn their focus to one thing – Money.
By that I mean, you may have entered into gaming to make family friendly games or Christian games but it may not be enough to feed your family and you know that making x – rated games would; and since you have things to be done like sending your children to the best schools and putting food on the table, you might decide to compromise to meet pressing needs.
The bible says, ”If you faint in the day of adversity your strength is small”. That means if you give in when the going gets tough you are a weakling. Don’t be a weakling, be strong.
I know sometimes making a commitment to making only Christian games would let us see opportunities pass you by because you won’t compromise. It’s at times like that you need to stay strong and let your motivation be “the Great Commission” ( Mark 16:15 ) which could be rightfully summarized into winning and building souls for the Master; Jesus.

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