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INSOMNIA - a bedtime story (for all ages) by Pastor Alfred

   Once upon a time in a place much like where you live right now, a nice little boy felt the weight of the desire to get a good night sleep upon every tired bone in his little Eight year old body. His eyes hungered desperately for sleep but it was as through the ability to sleep had grown feet of its own and walked out of his body, going to God knows where.
   Yes! The Desire was there, but the Ability wasn't there; and it had been that way for the past few days.
His Parents lay awake in their own room. They couldn't sleep too. It wasn't that they too suffered from the inability to sleep, it was that they suffered from their son's inability to sleep. It made them worry. Too Worried, Afraid & Burdened to sleep.
   Mum was too afraid to check if her son had fallen asleep. She was sitting up in bed with the room light turned off but the adjustable reading lamps at both sides of the bed turned low.
Mum turned & looked at Dad....

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