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Female Ball Players Can’t Dunk - a bedtime story (for all ages) by Pastor Alfred

Once upon a time there lived a tall beautiful and strong female basketball player named Lizzy. She was a good Christian teenage girl. She was clearly an asset to her high school’s female basketball team and could do anything on the court wonderfully well, except for the fact that she couldn’t dunk.
   Some other girl would have been convenient with not being able to dunk seeing that there is no pressure whatsoever for a female baller to be able to dunk. After all she could score. Her three pointers were a thing of beauty.
   However, Lizzy wasn’t just another girl. She was disturbed by her inability to dunk. Although it wasn’t something that bothered her enough to make her feel down, it was still something that disturbed her like a math problem that sticks with you forever until you figure it out.
   Lizzy became conscious and worried about her inability to dunk many years ago when she was much younger, her neighbor who was a boy and she always played basketball with just learnt h…
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I'll Be Taking A Break From Writing For A While

....zzzzz !!!!!
     I don't know how long it would last.... Days... Weeks... Months... Seconds???

Don't Ask God How - a poem by Pastor Alfred

Don't ask God how, just take the first step/
God's dream for our dreams are too big to comprehend/
They always scare us and exceed boundaries of common sense/
Does God think more of us than we think of ourselves?/
If we stand and reason how to reach our Reserved Seat on Mountains/
Reality would get off its seat and slap us upside the head/
And we'll snap back into the limits and walls of common sense/
Our dreams would become common so would future achievements/
We've kicked the word 'Special' off our biographies by ourselves/
And no hand writes the story of one who is just like everyone else/
So for your name to outlive men; unremovable from the earth/
With Honour & Integrity baked with Fulfilment/
You have to Live God's Will not the Plans in your head/
The Holy Spirit your senior partner in the Business of Success/
Putting Goals only God can kick in front of your legs/
But if God is in & with you; just take the first step/

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Stop Giving Interviews To People Who Hate The Rich : Open Letters To My Fellow Bluebloods - by Pastor Alfred

The wealthy in this generation, if you would excuse my strong language; are far much dumber than the wealthy in previous generations.
    We must understand why the wealthy existed peacefully for so long in times past and what mistakes they made that led to their destruction or execution at different times in history.
     Those mistakes if made again would have the same results.
     Sadly, this generation is ripe with making the same mistakes and has even gone overboard to making worse mistakes.
      I fear that the continual misconduct of the wealthy will lead to yet another genocide of the Elite by the poor, which has happened so many times before in history.
    That means it must be said through your own medium. You must control the edi…

Don't Do Drugs - a poem by Pastor Alfred

What drives a Man to taste the Forbidden Fruit?/
What makes a Woman fall far from her Roots?/
Where do Good Girls pick up bad habits that ruin?/
Why do Men's years and brains age in opposite hues?/
Why pick up a stick you know is covered with glue/
It would never let go without taking a piece of you/
And that's if you're fortunate to have stuff you didn't lose/
Cause with each draw, it draws Life within & from you/
You inhale Death coated in every fantasy come true/
It comes as your friend, with a mission to kill you/
It is the Delilah you can't leave that wants to ruin you/
She takes your mind to Cloud 9 so it's too cloudy to see though/
She cuts off all your strength so you're too weak to fight through/
Then she hands you over to the Reaper to finish you/
Why seek the Forbidden Fruit when you know what'll await you?/
Don't let Peer Pressure or lack of Courage be the end of you/

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What You See Is What You Want To See - a poem by Pastor Alfred

What you see is what you want to see/
If all you see is Death, that's what you want to See/
There's so much Life around you, open your eyes and see/
Don't smell the Roses on caskets, Smell the Roses on trees/
Your interpretation of what you see today was created last week/
Don't lend your ears to biographies of obituaries/
The wine your ears drink intoxicates your eyelids/
What you expect to see creates what you see/
If you expect to see walls between you and your dreams/
You would always see walls between you and your dreams/
Even though there may be none in reality/
The invisible would be as potent as reality/
Over 90% of the excuses that people give/
Is negative possibilities, not what exists/
A lot of what people Fear does not exist/
We are held back by the problems we wanted to see/
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Never Say Never - a poem by Pastor Alfred

Never Say Never when Dreams turn to stone/
Never Say Never because you'll never know/
Don't toss it behind you for a stranger to make his own/
Look closely and you would see there's a diamond in the stone/

Never Say Never when the whistle is blown on your goals/
And it seems the Referee has a stake in your throat/
And none of your Team's fans is in the stadium called 'Your Show'/
Never toss your jersey in the air while the match still unfolds

Never Say Never when Life hits you on the nose /
With curve ball after curve ball and you want to throw in your gloves/
You want to end it all cause no road leads to Hope/
Never Say Never, you never know what tomorrow holds/

Never Say Never, Never Ever...  Ever/
Never throw in the towel after all the miles you rowed/
In the sea of hopes and dreams, no dream is ever told 'No'/
It's better to fail trying than to have never tried at All/

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After The TEST Comes The TESTimony - a poem by Pastor Alfred

When Life sends Tests to your Postal Address/
Don't fret or complain or claim it's the wrong Address/
For your resulting score determines your next Address/
Running from challenges is progress away from Progress/
If you want God's Best, You must pass God's Tests/
Before God can bless, God must first off test/
So he won't be giving you a platform to destroy yourself/
Who endorses a Pilot without running some tests?/
To get God's endorsement you must pass God's tests/
Tests don't come to destroy,  they're the first step to success/
Face Challenges and Problems, don't run away from them/
From now on when you meet them, Thank God they are there/

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